Are you coming to Detroit 2012?

Contribute to the Photo Collage!
Do you have photos of your work that you’d like to see become part of a Detroit 2012 photo collage? Upload them here. More details to come…

Calendar Finalized
The full calendar has been posted in the calendar section.

Danny Glover to visit Detroit 2012
We’ve just learned that Danny Glover will be joining the opening celebration and will share a conversation with Grace Lee Boggs on the night of July 1. See the calendar for more details.

Danny Glover : UAW, Detroit and the Beloved Community

If you’re planning on coming to Detroit 2012, give us an idea of when you’re coming and what you want to get out of the gathering, please fill out this survey. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far!

If you need a place to stay, the housing list has been posted.

Resources for bicycle and car rentals have been posted here.

Also, if you haven’t registered yet, please register here!

2 thoughts on “Are you coming to Detroit 2012?

  1. Want to be there, but in Bloomington, IN, 2 furry felines, don’t drive…..soooo. Hope to connect here & visit soonest. CHEERS!

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