What is the take away from Detroit 2012?

What an amazing time the past 2 weeks this has been! We posted updates as they came in, and have photos posted on our Facebook page.

Have you submitted your media or filled out the evaluation? We also have a  We’re eager to hear from you!

Thank you!

Dear Detroit 2012 participant,

On behalf of the local and national organizing team,  Feedom Freedom, the Birwood Block Club, the Urban Network, the Coalition Against Police Brutality/Peace Zones for Life, the Boggs Center, and all of the organizations that worked to make these two weeks possible, we want to thank you for your energy, your spirit, your work and active participation in Detroit 2012.   From July 1 when we celebrated Grace Lee Boggs’ 97th birthday and watched the premier of We Are Not Ghosts to your discussion with Frithjof Bergman, Grace & each other we all deepened our thinking, vision and historical understanding.  We experienced the joys of bringing our hands, hearts and minds together as we worked in gardens and neighborhoods, learning about one another, the city and ourselves. We endured incredible heat and shared lovingly prepared food. Now, we need to ask what new responsibilities do we have because of this experience?

Where do we go from here?

1.   Ideas: Deepen our thinking, analysis, and questions.

Continue to engage in conversations about re-imagining revolution, technology, leadership, work, democracy, education, public safety, food security, economics, arts and activism.

Create a study group based upon The Next American Revolution:  Sustainable Activism for the 21 Century.   Use the study guide which is available from www.boggsenter.org

2.  Place Based Practice:  Make a commitment to becoming creators of history in your city, town, or neighborhood.

Read new publication:  Commitment is Key and New Concepts in Revolution.

3.  Network: Deepen our connections as we create a national movement, celebrating and sharing our work, practice, questions, and readings.

Make http://www.detroit2012.org your connection to these past 2 weeks.

Upload images, articles, stories.

4.  Support and protect the work in Detroit: Spread the story of Detroit and show We are not Ghosts to friends, family, churches, synagogues, and organizations.

5.  Reach out to others: We especially need to enlarge our vision of the new American Dream by reaching out to those of European descent who are most vulnerable to fear and hatred of the counter revolutionary forces in this country. Find ways to share the Next American Revolution with them.

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