A Big Thank You from Tawana and Detroit 2013!

Grace and Tawana50315fa97e8b1.JPGBecause of you, we had an incredible week during Detroit 2013 and we are truly grateful!

Some of what we covered included:

  • What time is it on the clock of the world? – Grace Lee Boggs
  • New Work – interactive exhibit and discussion – Barbara Stachowski and Kim Sherobbi (Samaritan Center – Blair Evans)
  • Cultural Event and Festival – feat Detroit’s Brave New Voices Youth Slam Team, Insite the Riot and Jim Perkinson, hosted by At Peace (The Hush House Black Community Museum and International Leadership and Training Institute for Human Rights)
  • Building Resistance – Rev. Sandra Simmons (Hush House)
  • Creating Peace Zones and 1967 Rebellion Exhibit – Coalition Against Police Brutality and Peace Zones for Life
  • Historic Bus Tour – Shea Howell/Rich Feldman
  • Place Based Education – Bart Eddy (Detroit CommunitySchools), Elizabeth Whittaker (Nsoroma Institute), Virgil Taylor (Peace Project), Cassidy Rosen and Fernando Abbud (Colorado)
  • Health and Healing – Michelle Puckett (Oakland) and Peggy Hong (Detroit)
  • Food Security and Land Discussions – Myrtle Thompson-Curtis and Wayne Curtis (Feedom Freedom Growers), Phil Jones (Colors), Shane Bernardo (Earthworks and Day Project), Michelle Jackson (Sustainable Community Farms/Small Ville Learning Farms) and Eitan Sussman (Keep Growing Detroit)
  • From War Zones to Peace Zones panel featuring film screening of Detroit’s Native Son – Charity Hicks (EMEAC), Harry Weaver III, Sandra Hines (Coalition Against Police Brutality/Peace Zones for Life, Yusef Bunchy Shakur (Urban Network and Black Souljahs) and Sterling Toles
  • Creating a student movement – Dr. Vincent Harding, Kristian Bailey (NY), Molly Cunningham (Chicago), Allison Laskey (CA)
  • Self-governing councils and communities – Linda Campbell (Building Movement), Charity Hicks (EMEAC) and Shea Howell (Boggs Center)
  • Reflection Friday – How do we build a movement committed to Resistance and alternatives in 2013 & 2014 in our cities and in our country? (Kim Sherobbi)
  • Stop the Violence Peace Rally – Church of the Messiah (Pastor Barry)
  • Complex Movements – feat Invincible
  • Origami instruction with Pablo (12 years old) – see Pablo’s attached artwork welcoming Detroit 2013
  • Album release party with Will See and the D. Blair Collective
  • We also celebrated the 98th birthday of Grace Lee Boggs, which included Grace Lee’s award winning film about Grace Lee Boggs titled, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, which premiered at the DIA Film Theater!

A special thanks to our media team and both the local and national planning teams for this incredible experience!

If you would like to donate to the efforts of the Boggs Center visit www.boggscenter.org. Thank you for your participation and continued support! It is sincerely appreciated!

In love and struggle,

Tawana Petty aka Honeycomb


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