Look Who Endorsed Detroit 2012

Let us know if you support Detroit 2013 by emailing tawana.detroit2012.org

We are grateful for the endorsements of Detroit 2012 from national and grassroots organizations striving for visionary organizing, new models of co-operation and of our renewed humanity:

Detroit 2012 Endorsements

Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
Feedom Freedom Growers
Birwood Block Club
Urban Network
H.O.P.E. – Helping Our Prisoners Elevate
D.C.O.H. – Detroit City of Hope
Peace Zones for Life
Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality
EMEAC – East Michigan Environmental Action Council
Allied Media Projects
The Hush House Black Community Museum and Leadership Training for Human Rights
People’s Kitchen Detroit
Matrix Theater
Greening of Detroit
YEA – Young Educators Alliance
Boggs Educational Center
Detroit Summer
Brightmoor Woodworkers
Detroit Community Schools
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
DAY Project
Dedicated to Make Change L3C
Fender Bender Detroit
Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks
Detroit Food Justice Task Force
Peoples Water Board Detroit
Great Lakes Bioneers
Detroit Environmental Justice Task Force
Detroit Grassroots Leadership Team
Local Food Security Policy Research
Unique Banners & Signs
Live In Peace
Drop A Gem Publishing
Just Speak, Inc.

1 thought on “Look Who Endorsed Detroit 2012

  1. I Olivia Armstrong CEO of the Rainbow Healing “Dance” Center Inc. Our mission is to Heal through the Cultural Arts…music, dance, poetry, spoken word, drama, photography art, singing, drawing, gardening, and All Other Humanities of The Arts’.
    The Healing can be done individually or in groups. “By Any Means Necessary” Mother Earth is in a constant array, she needs us to live and take care of her. and this will be done “By Any Means Necessary” She’s Crying because She’s Dying” Only we as a Group can Heal Mother Earth, One individual at a time.

    We endorse this year 2013detroit

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