Declaration of Hope And Love – by Ron Scott and Yusef Shakur

This piece was written after the Peace Zones and State of the Community discussions during Detroit 2012

Over the past four decades we’ve seen the dismantlement of our schools, neighborhoods and families. Loss of income and lack of commitment from government and the private sector which could have helped change conditions. We have experienced chemical warfare which has left our young people reaching for a community that they have yet to experience. We believe in this time in Detroit’s history that Detroit needs a people’s first mentality. It is now or never! We have to band together to not only protect each other, but to provide for each other, share with each other, feed each other, care for each other and more importantly love each other in these tough times Detroit, but we need efficient and effective action. We need to continue to be proactive in rebuilding and re-spiriting Detroit. We have to change the mindset and the culture of Detroit, because if we don’t, all the money in the world will not help in Detroit’s rebirth. The people of Detroit need a rebirth which will fuel Detroit’s rebirth.

Through this “Declaration of Hope and Love”, we are here to convey to all Detroiters that every life in our community is valuable, every life in our community deserves to be loved, and every life in our community needs to be invested in and by not doing our part we are helping to sustain the underdeveloped behavior that is contributing to the social mayhem in our neighborhoods. We need to develop and create liberated peace zones, which will breed hope amongst the people and instill high expectations within the people to treat each other like human beings and not like animals! We need every human being to join our ranks; white, black, brown and any other color. We need people to overstand that we have to restore the neighbor back to the hood, if not the hood will be the death of all of us. People survive in hoods through underdeveloped behavior, but people live in neighborhoods through love and care. Our greatest resource is our capacity love and care for each other and for our neighbors, which will bridge the gap between hope and desperation. We firmly believe that this is not a time for war, but for peace. It is not a time for acrimony, but for harmony. It is not a time for discord but for direction.

Ron Scott and Yusef Shakur

On capitalism, colonialism, women and food politics by Silvia Federici

Silvia Federici is a researcher, activist and educator. She was born and raised in Italy but came to the US in 1967 on a scholarship to study Philosophy at the University of Buffalo. Since then, she has taught at several universities in the US and also at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. She is now Emerita Professor at Hofstra University (Long Island, NY) and lives in Brooklyn.

A veteran feminist activist, Federici’s work is informed by and in dialogue with the many struggles which have animated her career. Since the early 1970s Federici was, along with theorists such as Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James, a founder of the International Feminist Collective and an organizer with the famous Wages for Housework campaign. This movement brought together a global alliance of feminist groups to make a revolutionary challenge at the very hinge of capitalist and patriarchal power by demanding economic sovereignty for women engaged in the elemental labour of social reproduction.

Read the full interview here.


#Detroit2012 – Updates and Live Tweets

Detroit 2012 is on!

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See you tonight! A message from Tawana

From Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty:

I am honored to be hosting the 97th birthday celebration for Grace Lee Boggs‘ as well as the film premier for We R Not Ghosts! There will be special performances by Jessica Care Moore and Invincible Detroit, special presentations and so much more!!

This is going to be a spectacular beginning to a historic 2 weeks in Detroit. I can’t wait to feel the energy in the room tonight!

We will see you tonight at 5pm at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, 315 E. Warren, Det, MI


Are you coming to Detroit 2012?

Contribute to the Photo Collage!
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Calendar Finalized
The full calendar has been posted in the calendar section.

Danny Glover to visit Detroit 2012
We’ve just learned that Danny Glover will be joining the opening celebration and will share a conversation with Grace Lee Boggs on the night of July 1. See the calendar for more details.

Danny Glover : UAW, Detroit and the Beloved Community

If you’re planning on coming to Detroit 2012, give us an idea of when you’re coming and what you want to get out of the gathering, please fill out this survey. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far!

If you need a place to stay, the housing list has been posted.

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National Call for Detroit 2012

2012 is our time to provide a clear vision for an alternative way of living our lives. This summer, we are convening a national gathering in Detroit from July 1 – July 15 called Detroit 2012: {re}Imagine the World, Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future. We are meeting in Detroit because the city’s unique history has created a space in which growing numbers of people are inspired to move beyond protest and toward visionary transformation. This paradigm shift encourages new ideas, alternative institutions, and revitalised communities. Our goal is to create a national network of visionary organisers and philosopher activists committed to self determination and {r}evolutionary change.

Come to Detroit, Engage in Visionary Organising, and experience the next American {R}Evolution!

What we Do

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Oakland Activists Fundraising to Attend Detroit 2012

Michelle Puckett and a group of activists from Oakland, CA have launched a fund-raising campaign to get them to Detroit 2012!

Help 2 big-hearted Oakland activists share Detroit’s revolutionary model of community building by funding a trip to the world-renowned “Detroit Summer” program.

Visit their page at Indiegogo.

The crew from Oakland even had the chance of running into Detroit rapper Invincible who was recently in Oakland:

“We keep getting signs that we are undoubtedly on the right path: last night, at Oakland’s First Friday, we stumbled upon “Invincible,” a Detroit rapper and activist who we know about via Grace and the Detroit Summer crew, at 18th and Telegraph performing on the streets of Oakland! Tai Amri captured this serendipity on his cell and will post that footage soon, but for now, check out the song she was performing. It’s all about Detroit Summer…Peace”

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!