• Cultural Event and Festival – feat Detroit’s Brave New Voices Youth Slam Team, Insite the Riot and Jim Perkinson, hosted by At Peace (The Hush House Black Community Museum and International Leadership and Training Institute for Human Rights)
  • Complex Movements – feat Invincible
  • Origami instruction with Pablo (12 years old) – see Pablo’s attached artwork welcoming Detroit 2013
  • Album release party with Will See and the D. Blair Collective
  • We also celebrated the 98th birthday of Grace Lee Boggs, which included Grace Lee’s award winning film about Grace Lee Boggs titled, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, which premiered at the DIA Film Theater!

Evening – Hush House/Cultural Event (hosted by At Peace)

What happened? What did we learn? Who did we hear from?

  • Spoken word group
  • Insite the Riot
  • Mama Sandra: Detroiters’s history and values; critiquing the justifications of EM; situating Zone 8; help has to start at home, supporting grassroots vs. corporations; ‘regions of refuge’ & ‘communities of compassion,’ creating new economic systems with political power, e.g., Hope Garden
  • Monica Lewis-Patrick: Detroit property is getting deliberately undervalued to move out African-American population, to move in suburbans back into ‘city we built’

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