Place-Based Education-2013

  • 2013 Session
  • Place Based Education Panel –
  • Bart Eddy (Detroit CommunitySchools),
  • Elizabeth Whittaker (Nsoroma Institute),
  • Virgil Taylor (Peace Project), Cassidy Rosen and
  • Fernando Abbud (Colorado)

Evening – Place-Based Education Panel (moderated by Shea Howell)

What happened? What did we learn? Who did we hear from?

  • Bart Eddy: young people want to transform our city, and as an educator it’s our job to awaken that in them. Working on many hands-on community projects
  • Virgil Taylor: Doing similar projects to Bart. Need to move away from awards, statistics and recognition. Gave story of gang members responding like kids when treated like them (versus being labeled).
  • Elizabeth Whittaker: “We see children as ancestors returned” “We believe that children are inherently gifted” decentralizing the West; cultural framework – words are powerful – they change the world, the atmosphere → mediation at the beginning of the day; half male teaching staff. Part of framework: you are the creator of your own reality, which means you have a responsibility. Aquaponics and food justice. When children find value in themselves and their neighborhood, then they’ll take care of it.
  • Cassidy and Fernando: discussed ‘Another City is Possible: Reimagining Detroit’ – course did readings on Boggs Center writing and worked with community organizations. Students were responsible for figuring out how to facilitate safe and open discussions. Regular writing and reflections.

1 thought on “Place-Based Education-2013

  1. I would like to be part of building bridges, between Detroit And Upstate New York, and I would love to be a participant of the education program, I will be willing to host a workshop ( Poetry, Spoken Word/ Food Justice, and present a Solar Poetry, ( In exchange a scholarships for a out of town people) who want to make a difference in building youth network and hopefully to starting a Youth Farm Camp. Ms. Olivia Armstrong CEO/RHDC. Please contact me

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