Place-Based Education-2013

  • 2013 Session
  • Place Based Education Panel –
  • Bart Eddy (Detroit CommunitySchools),
  • Elizabeth Whittaker (Nsoroma Institute),
  • Virgil Taylor (Peace Project), Cassidy Rosen and
  • Fernando Abbud (Colorado)

Evening – Place-Based Education Panel (moderated by Shea Howell)

What happened? What did we learn? Who did we hear from?

  • Bart Eddy: young people want to transform our city, and as an educator it’s our job to awaken that in them. Working on many hands-on community projects
  • Virgil Taylor: Doing similar projects to Bart. Need to move away from awards, statistics and recognition. Gave story of gang members responding like kids when treated like them (versus being labeled).
  • Elizabeth Whittaker: “We see children as ancestors returned” “We believe that children are inherently gifted” decentralizing the West; cultural framework – words are powerful – they change the world, the atmosphere → mediation at the beginning of the day; half male teaching staff. Part of framework: you are the creator of your own reality, which means you have a responsibility. Aquaponics and food justice. When children find value in themselves and their neighborhood, then they’ll take care of it.
  • Cassidy and Fernando: discussed ‘Another City is Possible: Reimagining Detroit’ – course did readings on Boggs Center writing and worked with community organizations. Students were responsible for figuring out how to facilitate safe and open discussions. Regular writing and reflections.

One thought on “Place-Based Education-2013

  1. I would like to be part of building bridges, between Detroit And Upstate New York, and I would love to be a participant of the education program, I will be willing to host a workshop ( Poetry, Spoken Word/ Food Justice, and present a Solar Poetry, ( In exchange a scholarships for a out of town people) who want to make a difference in building youth network and hopefully to starting a Youth Farm Camp. Ms. Olivia Armstrong CEO/RHDC. Please contact me

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