Food Security & Land-2013

2013 Session Panelists:

  • Food Security and Land Discussions –
  •  Myrtle Thompson-Curtis and Wayne Curtis (Feedom Freedom Growers),
  • Phil Jones (Colors),
  • Shane Bernardo (Earthworks and Day Project),
  • Michelle Jackson (Sustainable Community Farms/Small Ville Learning Farms)
  • Eitan Sussman (Keep Growing Detroit)

Evening – Food Security and land discussion (facilitated by Tawana Petty):

Questions to the panel included:

  • What does food security mean to you?
  • How would you relate community land trust to food security and growing food?
  • Do you think of land as sacred? How would you relate that to movement building?
  • How do you relate growing food to building community?

Questions from the audience included: how build solidarity; the question of redressing stolen land; and reflections on the Whole Foods.

1 thought on “Food Security & Land-2013

  1. I am a graduate student working at the University of British Columbia studying urban agriculture in Detroit, MI and Vancouver, BC and am extremely excited to learn from participants and contribute to the discussion when I attend Detroit 2012. As many participants in this week of reimagining are directly involved with urban agriculture in Detroit, I would also like to extend an invitation to participate in my study through an interview.

    If you are interested in discussing the political, economic, and social barriers affecting urban farmers and gardeners in your city, please read the linked letter of introduction and consent form for more information. Interviews will take place between July 4th and 13th. If you are free during this time period, please contact me and we can set up an interview time and location convenient for you. I will also be attending many Detroit 2012 events, so we could schedule to meet then.

    Please contact me with any questions at or by phone at 1.604.726.7017 (Canadian cell phone).

    Letter of introduction:
    Consent form:

    Sam Walker
    UBC Department of Geography

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