As in previous years we will engage in conversation to define and clarify the work of visionary organizing. In October 2011, the Re-imagining Work conference laid the groundwork for our themes .

“... organizing today has to go beyond Protest Organizing to Visionary Organizing. In order to create Hope and overcome despair, we have to begin Re-Imagining Everything. Work, Education, Public Safety, Community. We have to begin creating new dreams for the 21st Century.” – Grace Lee Boggs

Our first gathering was: DETROIT 2012: Re-imagine the World, Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future.  The theme of the 2nd was:  DETROIT 2013: A Time for Resistance.

“At this time on the clock of the {R}evolution, movement activists need to discuss and struggle around different forms of Organizing”… “Visionary Organizing gives you the opportunity to encourage the creative capacity in people … ” – Grace Lee Boggs

Join us for our 3d gathering with an emphasis on strengthening the national network that is emerging from our collective efforts.



2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Ah, just saw this page (oops). My previous comment on the vision page still stands though–I think the ideas and observations from the middle school youth remain valuable insights. While on the theme of youth, is there some anticipation for participation from younger people? I’m thinking along the line of folks in the Detroit Asian Youth Project and such.

  2. I’m imaging a BlackSister Hood Think Tank, from grassroot, and our ancestors boots, and those sister’s also who follow the loot…We must come together… we are all part of the same weather… We all must share…the true root… IS… we all do care. We must set aside our differences because if we don’t we will All miss this.

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