Goals -2013

There is a growing awareness that we must create new models of community, and, of work, economy, education, food production and sources, neighborhood, family, health and healing, and our relationship to the earth and to one another.

We will recap and review our commitment to transforming visions that were worked on in the Re-imagining Work conference held in October 2012. We will engage in conversation to define and clarify the work of visionary organizing, and visionary leadership.

Building living local economies in this day and age is a spiritual activity, a way to grow our souls. In a world where a globalizing economy is destroying communities and turning everyone, every thing and every relationship into a commodity, this evolution to a higher humanity has become both necessary and possible. It is the New American Dream that, deep in their hearts, millions of Americans long for. – Grace Lee Boggs

Let us come together for our 2nd annual gathering as we:

  • work towards a deepened understanding of visionary organizing, theoretically, historically and practically.

  • lay the groundwork for a national network of “Re-imagining Cities,” each taking on revolution, democracy, education, work, food justice, and public safety in fresh ways which make sense for our respective communities, as we continue our work of restoring the neighbor back to the hood.

  • create a “think tank” atmosphere to support each visiting delegation, in order to learn about their own history, contradictions, concepts and practice of visionary organizing.

As capitalism continues towards collapse, and as disenfranchisement rises, it is critical that we continue to work together to create a space which nurtures the growing of our souls this summer in Detroit. What, inside of yourself, would you like to transform? What would you like to make happen in Detroit this summer? In your own community?

Join us: As We Shake the World with a New Dream . . .

Location: Detroit

JUNE 23, 2013 – JUNE 30, 2013

2 thoughts on “Goals -2013

  1. Ah, just saw this page (oops). My previous comment on the vision page still stands though–I think the ideas and observations from the middle school youth remain valuable insights. While on the theme of youth, is there some anticipation for participation from younger people? I’m thinking along the line of folks in the Detroit Asian Youth Project and such.

  2. I’m imaging a BlackSister Hood Think Tank, from grassroot, and our ancestors boots, and those sister’s also who follow the loot…We must come together… we are all part of the same weather… We all must share…the true root… IS… we all do care. We must set aside our differences because if we don’t we will All miss this.

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