Here are some of the people you can expect to meet during Detroit 2013:

Grace Lee Boggs

Cast of:  We Are Not Ghosts

Yusef Bunchy Shakur

New Music from Will Copeland aka Will See – Youth Coordinator, EMEAC

Malik Yakini – Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Kim Sherobbi – Birwood Block ClubJulia Putnam – Boggs Educational CenterD-Town FarmPeace Zones For LifeKadiri Sennefer – D-Town Farm

4 thoughts on “People-2013

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  2. I ask my Ancestors may I comment on this page and it was granted to me. I thank all my Ancestors who have shed there Blood and Skin in order for us to have a gracious friend. My Elder Sister Grace Lee Bogg who is our visionary of today. We as a people must stop looking for one leader to emerge as Ms. Bogg’s said, in so many words, we have to be our own leaders.(Interview Bill Moyers)
    My Black People their will never be another Dr. King, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, individually, we all must grab the mantel and run with it…because the power now at bey… can not kill or destroy all the crying voices for Justice… we have to stop Dreaming and become The Dream. Like our precious Elder Sister Grace Lee Bogg’s…The sacrifice is great…but we are the only one’s who can change our fate.

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