Suggested Readings-2013 (downloads)

(download all in one file)

Conversations in Maine 

On capitalism, colonialism, women and food politicsSilvia Federici

{R}EvolutionInThe21stCenturyJames and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nuture Community Leadership

  • Changing Concepts of Revolution
  • Rediscovering Our American Past
  • Naming the Enemy and
  • Toward a Self-Governing America

(new) Organization Means Comittment: Grace Lee Boggs

Community Building: An Idea Whose Time has Come!: James Boggs

James Boggs Reader IntroductionStephen M. Ward

Beyond Militancy James Boggs

Revolution and Evolution in the 20th Century Introduction

From Opposition to Alternatives – Postindustrial Potentials and Transformative LearningBrian Milani

New Work, New Culture – A ManifestoFrithjof Bergmann

Heteropatriarchy and Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Andrea Smith

Another Education is Happening: Julia Putnam

Seeds for Change: Growing Faith, Food, and The future: Victoria Pratt Davis

Peace Zones for Life: Concept Paper & Program: Ron Scott

Peace Zones for Life Program: Ron Scott

New Work, New Culture, New Economy: F. Bergman by Sarah van Gelder

We are NOT Ghosts! Detroit Story from the inside out as we re-imagine our city and our humanity!

East Sider: Feedom Freedom Growers: Detroit Free Press

Is it possible to build a new Economy? Frank Joyce

Putting the Neighbor Back in the Hood: Zone 8 Yusef Shakur

Visionary Organizing: Matt Birkhold

Detroit’s Grassroots Economies Jenny Lee and Paul Abowd

Women Creating Caring CommunitiesOlga Bonfiglio

Leading with vision: A conversation with urban designer, educator and farmer, Emmanuel Pratt

The Next American Revolution – Chapter 1

The Next American Revolution  Rick Feldman

Manifesto for an American Revolutionary Party CHAPTER II

Epistle to the Ecotopians: Last Words to an America in Decline  Ernest Callenbach

Thomas Jefferson, or, The Transition of Democracy  Michael Hardt

Harpers Magazine: Detroit Arcadia: Exploring the post-American Landscape  Rebecca Solnit

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