5 thoughts on “Vision

  1. I am deeply involved with teaching parenting to teen and young mothers so that we can stop the tide of unraised, misguided and often vicious young men who are terrorizing our city. My DVD, “From Pickles and Ice Cream to Mothering in the Hood- how young, single moms can raise good kids in a tough hood” comes with a work book, teacher lesson plans for five days and arts projects. I have used colorful cartoons to keep the interest of the viewer while I tell the history behind our crisis and offer “how to” Good Mothering Keys. This project was my thesis from Marygrove College when I earned my Master of Social Justice degree in June of 2012. Mother, grandmother and activist, I wrote this researched offering with experience based knowledge and love. I hope to share it with as many as I can. I believe it can make a difference. As a single mom, I successfully raised 3 boys and 1 girl in the hood.

  2. This is a excellent site, could you be interested in working on an interview regarding just how you produced it? If so e-mail me and my friends!

  3. I don’t have a direct contribution at the moment, but I wanted to bring the organizers’ and attendees’ attention to insights garnered from Detroit/Dearborn middle school students at the Engineering Society of Detroit Future Detroit symposium in 2011. A handful of people started an envisioning process. The findings from this symposium, conducted by the Engineering Society of Detroit Institute, were then addressed to or sent as executive recommendations to a handful of decision makers in Detroit city administration including the public school system, city council, and police.

    I facilitated and wrote the narrative report for one of the groups and found many of their concerns and ideas ready to address and implement. I suspect many of the initiatives need follow up and accountability from the Detroit public, and few of these ideas got sufficient outreach to make it happen. I think it would be prudent to gather, synthesize, and make accessible existing visioning work among non-profits/community groups and individuals prior to the Detroit2012 vision event so that attendees can be cognizant of potential stepping stones toward a more comprehensive and authentic vision.

    The published report for workgroup IV is an abridged version due to constraints of space, many concerns about environmental justice and ideas for alternatives to participating in the economy were thus cut out but can be requested through the ESDI or I can e-mail the original draft.

    For the report: http://scr.bi/Mg2x2l
    More about the symposium/ESDI: http://www.esdinstitute.net/futuredetroit/index.shtml

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