• New Work – interactive exhibit and discussion – Barbara Stachowski and Kim Sherobbi (Samaritan Center – Blair Evans)
  • Afternoon – Site visit on New Work at Incite Focus

    What happened? What did we learn? Who did we hear from?

    • Frithjof video:

    ○      80% lost work — ‘stimulating’ the old economy to deal with this crisis makes no sense. Last 200 years of high tech has ruined nature, now we can use high tech to make 80% of what we need.

    ○      Additive vs. subtractive production: waste & sustainable systems

    ○      We are approaching the ability to produce anything anywhere

    • Barbara Stachowski on Jobs vs. Work:

    “If it’s killing you and you dread it, it’s probably a job.”

    “I’m so used to selling myself as a commodity to pay the bills”

    • New work -> new economy -> new culture

    Appreciation for abundance, sharing

    • Group tours of facility, including 3-D Printers



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